This constitution does no reflect changes since TCUF became affiliated with the Trinity College Field Club in (approximately) 2016.

1. Name

The society shall be called "Trinity College Ultimate Frisbee", also referred to within this document as "TCUF" or "the Society".

2. Aims

The principal aim of TCUF shall be to provide teams to play in University-wide leagues and competitions, and give everybody within Trinity College a chance to play in such competitions. The society shall also aim to promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee within Trinity College, and help all those interested to improve their game.

3. Membership

Any person affiliated with the University of Cambridge shall be eligible for membership. Members of Trinity College shall always be entitled to represent the College whenever a team is provided for a competition. Those not affiliated with the College shall be allowed to only if the situation is deemed to be suitable by the Committee.

No fee shall be charged for membership of TCUF.

4. Committee

4.1 Positions

The Central Committee shall comprise the following:

1. The Captain

2. The Vice-Captain

3. The Treasurer

In addition to these, other posts may be available (if believed to be required by the Central Committee) to form the (Full) Committee.

No single person shall hold, at any one point in time, two or more positions on the Central Committee, nor three or more positions on the Full Committee. If no suitable candidates are available for positions not in the Central Committee, the post shall be dissolved until a suitable candidate is found.

Only members of Trinity College shall be eligible for election to the Central Committee.

4.2 Responsibilities

A. The Captain

The captain's principal concern shall be performance on the pitch. Duties therefore include team selection (where applicable), ensuring adequate leadership in matches, and organisation of practices.

B. The Vice-captain

The Vice-Captain's duties shall be to deputise for the Captain when necessary, assist the Captain with leadership and organisational matters, and organising social events and squashes for the Society.

C. The Treasurer

The Treasurer's duty shall be to ensure that adequate records are kept of all financial transactions, and to present such accounts when necessary.

D. Other Positions

Other positions shall only be appointed if their duties are described clearly, in writing, to every member of the Society and/or made available to view by anyone it may concern.

E. The Committee

The entire Committee shall aim to support the Captain and Vice-Captain in the running of the day-to-day affairs of the Society.

5. Meetings and Elections

5.1 Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings shall take place when deemed necessary by any of:

a) the Captain

b) four Committee members

c) two-thirds of the Committee

These shall generally take place when there is a specific agenda to be discussed (e.g. organisation of election of new Committee, team selection). The Committee may choose to hold this meeting in private or to make the meeting open to all members of the Society (by simple vote if necessary).

5.2 Society Meetings

In addition, there shall be a Society Meeting held not less than once per year (there shall be no gap of over 14 months between successive meetings). At these meetings, the Society's Accounts shall be presented, and anything may be submitted for discussion, by any member of the Society, either in person or submitted in writing to the Vice-Captain at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the meeting.

At least two of the Central Committee must be present for such a meeting to be official.

5.3 Elections

At some point within the Easter Term of each academic year, TCUF shall decide the Committee for the following (academic) year. This shall be decided at a Society Meeting made known to the Society at least 72 hours in advance.

The Committee shall make suggestions, starting with the Captain, for candidates for any Committee posts to be held the following year (candidates may not be elected without their permission). At the end of this procedure, any member of the society may then comment on the matter (provided these are conveyed in an appropriate manner). If possible, mutual agreement should be sought on who to appoint to the Committee for the following year. When this is not possible, the Captain shall arrange a vote of those present. In the event of a tie, the Captain shall decide. The results shall be announced to the Society within 48 hours of being finalised (unless this is impractical).

If a member of the Committee should leave their post before the end of the Academic year, the Committee shall choose either a replacement for that position (either until the next election or temporarily), or (if the position is not on the Central Committee) they may decide to dissolve that position or keep the position open until a suitable candidate is found.

6. Accounts

Accounts shall be presented to the Society at each Society Meeting (including elections). They may also be requested from the Treasurer at any point, provided that the party asking has reason to do so (e.g. Senior Treasurer, ACC).

7. The Constitution

7.1 Break of Constitution

If any member of TCUF has genuine reason to believe that the Society has failed to act in accordance with its constitution, they may force the Committee to hold a Society Meeting within two weeks of receiving complaints from either ten members of TCUF or half the members of the Committee.

7.2 Amendments

The Constitution can be amended at any Society Meeting or Committee Meeting by either

a) the entire Central Committee

b) two-thirds of the Full Committee

Any changes must be approved by the Senior Treasurer.