Current Committee (2023-24):

If you need to get in contact with anyone, you should normally start by contacting the captains, unless your enquiry specifically pertains to something that another person is responsible for. Their CRSIDs are listed above. The webmaster is Andrew Carlotti (ac894 at


1. Captain

The captain's principal concern shall be performance on the pitch. Duties therefore include team selection (where applicable), ensuring adequate leadership in matches, and organisation of practices.

2. Vice-captain

The Vice-Captain's duties shall be to deputise for the Captain when necessary, assist the Captain with leadership and organisational matters, and organising social events and squashes for the Society.

3. Treasurer

The Treasurer's duty shall be to ensure that adequate records are kept of all financial transactions, and to present such accounts when necessary.

Since approximately 2016, TCUF has been part of Trinity College Field Club, and our finances have been handled by our Captains together with the Field Club's treasurer.

4. Webmaster

The webmaster's duties shall be to maintain TCUF's current website, and to maintain a copy of the TCUF constitution online.

5. Fitness Co-ordinator

The Fitness Coordinator's duties shall be to aid members of the Society in achieving a higher level of physical fitness by organising and running regular fitness sessions, in particular those attributes that would benefit the performance of any teams organised by TCUF.

6. Social Secretary

The Social Secretary's duty shall be to ensure that TCUF holds a variety of social events, and contribute to their organisation, particularly around squashes and important matches.

Past Committees:











This list is incomplete - if you would like to fill in any gaps, contact the webmaster.